Little space ... Small Pool - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Little space … Small Pool – Ideas for gardens and decoration

If you know that your dream is to have a pool, get to work! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will talk about swimming pools in small spaces.

You know that your home is small, that your outdoor areas are small and you don't have much space … but you want a pool … don't give up! Today we present some suggestions of rectangular pools made in small places.

The swimming pools as such are elements of both indoor and outdoor .. that is not only limited to leisure .. in it we can relax, exercise, stretch .. currently the design and type of model consider several factors before make a pool because capital investment is high.

If you have very little space, this is no longer a factor … here we leave you these suggestions that may serve as an inspiration. These solutions are much cheaper and ideal for space problems.

In the photographs we see long and narrow pools as a great solution for small places. This type of swimming pool is designed to take only part of the available space, which will be much smaller than that of a large swimming pool.

These solutions are quite elegant and current. A widely used form in the United States. The design is rectangular, perfect for small spaces … this leaves space to do other types of activities, without disturbing the pool.

Normally the perfect size of this type of swimming pool is 1.8 meters wide and 25 meters long. So you know a little more. If you were looking for ideas and solutions to your space problem, here are some photos to give you an idea.

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