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Little space? Tip for growing pumpkins in pots

If you want to learn to grow pumpkins, today I leave you some tips to do it in pots. This is a great idea for those people who do not have much space and decide to make a small garden using pots for it. Today I propose the pumpkin, rich in vitamins and delicious to make purees and very special dishes.

Growing pumpkins or other vegetables and fruits is an excellent idea for your own consumption.. But it will also provide us with an article with which to decorate our favorite corners or events such as Halloween parties; You can also paint the peels, once dry, and add them in a centerpiece.

You can plant pumpkins in pots, I know they can be large, but this does not necessarily influence the way of growing. But to make the most of it, try to use a large pot, as large as you can, and then add porous and fertile soil. Fill the pot also with part of earthworm, they are quite good and rich to root your vegetables well.

In the pot you choose, unless it is smaller than the bill, place two seeds. With these seeds we can get several fruits (about four) and enjoy them when they are ripe. Remember that you should never let the pot's soil dry, you have to preserve the moisture and fertilize it at least every 20 days. The ideal date or time to grow pumpkins is undoubtedly spring.

Try to water the soil often, especially if it is too hot. Remember that the earth must be porous and we must have a pot with perfect drainage so that the water does not stagnate, but be careful that it does not dry out. I remind you that pumpkins will need light and sun, although the seeds have to be preserved more carefully until they are ready, since they are more delicate.

When your pumpkins have developed perfectly you can eat the fruit in a thousand different waysThey can also help you make great creams or use them as decoration at parties like Halloween or simply to decorate throughout the year.

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