Lucky pumpkins! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Lucky pumpkins! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space I leave you an idea made from pumpkins .. that we will transform into products from the land of luck.

How to do this? It is the easiest, this time we are going to put some beautiful posters … in this way we will not only be decorating any situation with a most natural fruit … but also, we will add some magic.

This is a great idea for two things, one of them is for an event. If you feel like filling your table with successful products, try decorating with some elongated pumpkins.

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<p>To these you just have to tie them some posters, in which you can always add the person's name. This way the diner will know where to sit. It is a nice gesture, even at events such as weddings.</p>
<p>Another fantastic idea is to add these delicious accessories, at parties like Halloween. I don't know if you like it or not decorate your home, accordingly.</p>
<p>but if you are one of the people who love to enjoy and dress up, add some ornament to the house and decorate the table .. you can always do it in a similar way to the one we see today in the photograph.</p>
<p>Some pumpkins are enough, you can choose the ones you like best. This type, is thinner than the common pumpkin .. that orange that you can see in many places.</p>
<p>Being smaller, you can gather them on a tray. Tie them a rope that can be rustic … take a few turns, with the sign hooked.</p>
<p>If you buy the round ones, you will always have to use more rope … but it will look great with those pretty colors too.</p>
<p>Insert the poster with a phrase, luckily … an omen or a beautiful poem .. you will surely make everyone happy. If you prefer to give the odd phrase, you are also entitled to Halloween.</p>
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