Maisons Du Monde. External conquest

Maisons Du Monde. External conquest

Good morning to everyone, today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to present you a new collection for the exterior of the house Maisons Du Monde.

As we hear it well, Maisons in addition to creating beautiful collections for the decoration of all our homes, now also conquers the outdoor areas with fabulous proposals for this year 2012.

If you want to know more about the new collection that Maisons Du Monde proposes, read on! The good weather is here and like all of us or all those who have a small garden, a nice patio, a terrace or a balcony … you can enjoy the new Maisons Du Monde.

Obviously according to the size we have we can select one or another decorative element, furniture and others. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to take advantage of all our spaces and proceed to change the look!

Maisons Du Monde helps you to condition your spaces, dress it in the most elegant and careful way we can find. The collection is called Saint-Raphaël And it is at our disposal to help us enjoy all our outdoor spaces.

Now we can enjoy the outside on great sofas or incredible couches in the most comfortable way. Read, meditate, relax, sleep … take advantage of every second of the sun and enjoy this small part of your home that will now be perfect to take advantage of.

This collection is ideal especially for those who wish to harmonize their outdoor environments, creating soft and very comfortable spaces. In the sweetest way Maisons du Monde has been introduced in our lives, in the decorations and in our rooms.

Comfort, delicacy, simplicity and a lot of naturalness is what we will see in this wonderful collection of garden furniture. Some are made of braided resin for more resistance and durability over time, also adds great charm to the piece.

We will see large cushions for chairs in gray colors, round armchairs, very simple sunbeds that we will find both single and double. Tables, chairs … most of them in natural finishes such as stone or natural fibers. Discover this collection by the hand of Maisons du Monde.

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