Maisons du Monde. TUILERIES greenhouse

Maisons du Monde. TUILERIES greenhouse

Good morning dear friends. today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about the well-known every Masions du Monde and an article that we could use to place it in the garden.

A very good idea, if you have space, is to make a great greenhouse in this way we can always grow plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other species that are out of season.

To do this here we leave you this greenhouse models from the big house Maisons du Monde. If you love gardening, this greenhouse will surely leave you speechless.

With the name of TUILERIES, is an ideal place to provide the protection that our species need. With a very elegant design, this greenhouse can be the main protagonist of your outdoor spaces.

In it you can take care of your new species, vegetables and plants that you like, in a safe way where the agents of time cannot affect in the same way that they did inside.

TUILERIES is made of high quality steel. Its metal finish has a nice rust effect.

On the outside we see it completely glazed, perfect to protect all your plants from wind, air, rain … all your species will not have to fear frost in winter.

TUILERIES is not just any greenhouse, created by Frédéric Tabary, it is completely closed for the protection of plants. Its lines make it perfect to give a certain rustic air to the environment, that is equally good in almost all types of environments.

If you are interested in this great greenhouse because you want to start growing vegetables that are not in season, certain delicate flowers, new species … here you have a place where you can do it quietly without anything bothering you.

The dimensions of this greenhouse are A 252 x A 235 x P 212. If you are interested here we leave the link to Maisons du Monde.

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