Make this recycled vase with ropes

Make this recycled vase with ropes

Good morning friends! You all know that we love flowers and plants to decorate all our spaces.

Whether they are places outside or inside the house, here in Decoration and Gardens we love to look for that brushstroke of freshness, color and aroma offered by flowers.

And nothing better to locate them, than in a great vase made of ropes and threads.

This recycled vase gives us the idea of ​​decorating any of our favorite corners of the house.

You can do it the size you prefer, the way you like and the color that best suits your decorative needs.

Making this vase will not only give more beauty to your spaces, but we will also be contributing to recycle remains of items that we have at home.

In this case with fuchsia rope this beautiful vase has been made, to decorate a beautiful surface, to be used as a centerpiece or to decorate the kitchen window.

You will only need a container, it can be plastic, glass or whatever you want. It does not have to be beautiful, because we are going to cover it with rope.

To do this you also get a rope, as long as the vase is large. Choose the color you like best, we can even do it in several shades.

Now with a little silicone fix one of the ends of the cord or rope, to the base itself or container.

Start spinning, contouring the container. From time to time go putting silicone points … so we will fix the rope better and prevent it from coming off.

Follow patiently until you complete the entire glass or what you have put as a base. Once you have it let it dry very well. If you admit paint the rope, you can paint the vase or add fixative to make it harder and resist longer.

Now it's time to look for a very nice place to put the vase. Finally add some water inside and enter the flowers you like best!

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