Make vases with remains of pipes

Make vases with remains of pipes

Good morning friends! In today's space we are going to talk about some of the most interesting vases. We will simply decorate with remnants of pipes!

How is it possible? It is the easiest and a very original idea .. make a vase with remnants of pipe, it is not something very seen and that is why today we take this great series of vases as the protagonist.

If you like to decorate with flowers, here we leave you this great idea that you can do it in just a few minutes.

We love decorating and more if it is with recycled items. Today we decorate with traces of PVC pipe. If you have some saved remains, today we suggest you make some great vases with them.

Simply cut or file the rest of the remaining pipe and add some flowers. If you see that you need it, add a base so that the flower or plant does not come out.

It is a great idea to paint the pipe, so we remove the typical gray color, which we see so often. These covers are ideal to make vases.

Decorate your home with remnants of pipes that we have at home. The surfaces, the kitchen, the windows, your favorite corners, the walls, we can even hang them from the ceiling.

We have many pipes to choose from, you can buy a piece that you like in a hardware store .. it is the simplest.

On this occasion you can see how several vases have been made in different sizes, shapes and colors.

You can paint the PVC pipes of the color you like best and decorate with them all your corners.

Add your favorite flowers and go! Surely you have many places to decorate!

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