Make your own Composite Credit

Make your own Composite Credit

Good morning friends, today in Decor and Gardens we want to teach you to make your own subscription For all those plants you want to grow! Since the oven is not for buns, perhaps making our own plant compound is a great solution.

In this way we will maintain the fertile land providing all the nutrients she needs and in this way have the possibility of planting throughout the year.

As you know there are different types of fertilizers, which will be explained in another space like this. Among the different fertilizers are the compounds, the green ones and the surface ones.

Remember that there are many elements that we can collect to make our homemade fertilizer. For example, fruit peels are especially good, the remains of vegetables, eggshells, grass, coffee, tea and even the leaves of dried plants.

All these items are going to help us make our own composite home fertilizer. The first thing we should know is that there are various methods to prepare this type of fertilizer.

One of the ways is to stack different materials, in different layers … on top of each other. We interspersed layers with the remains of green vegetables, traces of cooking food, some straw, manure, soil and so we are making layers. Once you have a good stack of layers of the different materials … we water it with water, in this way we ensure that it has enough moisture.

Once the battery has been watered in layers of atmospheric agents such as rain, it can be very detrimental to fertilizer fermentation. To protect the battery we can do it with plastic or sheet. Remember that with the passage of time worms should come out … otherwise we can always add them.

Finally you will wonder when it will be ready to use your compound … well depending on the time of the year in which you do it … remember that the subscription will usually be ready to be used after two months … if we have done it in summer …

But if the compound has been made in winter the thing takes much longer, we can use it between 5 and 6 months after having done it.

Checking it from time to time is a good idea, remember that it will be ready when we can not distinguish the different layers of waste, from which it is made, due to disintegration. It must smell good!

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