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Make your own wooden pencil holders

Good morning friends, today I leave you a great pencil holder made with a natural material such as wood.

If yesterday we thought about decorating with a frame as original as two pieces of wood and some strings … today we propose to add a complement of the most natural.

As you can see, in the photograph, it is a piece of wood … as simple as this. You just have to make a few holes and ready to put pencils or pens.

The truth is that it is a curious and original way to keep the pens. Remember that a good decoration must begin with the order of the rooms.

Normally it is quite common for the disorder and chaos to reach our work areas … that is why it is good to have furniture and practical items that help to store things.

Pencils is something that is always in the middle, so this pencil holder is a very practical article to remedy chaos.

Also a most natural remedy, because in this blog we love to talk about how to decorate with plants and natural elements.

This is one more way to share a natural decoration, inside our home. In this way I leave this fantastic idea for you to write it down and take it into account.

Perhaps it will inspire you for those pieces of wood that we have, perhaps having pruned some plants or some trees, and not throw them away.

Think that with them you can do many things … from ashtrays, to frames like yesterday or these pencil holders.

Try to clean the wood well, make as many holes as you want with the size of the pencils … well a little bigger so that they enter without problems.

Then you just have to sand the wooden block well and ready to use. If you want to add something else you can paint them!

pencil holders

Photo: morningcreativity

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