Margarita del Cabo: How to grow it

To grow Cape Margarita, you should keep some suggestions in mind. Today I leave you with some information about this beautiful plant, originally from Africa. Despite these roots, Cape Margarita can be grown in Spain, since the climate is favorable for this species.

One of the great advantages, that you have when cultivating this beautiful flower, is its resistance to salinity (therefore for places near the sea, it is an excellent choice) Also known by the name of Matacabras Its flowering time develops in full spring and early summer. If you take good care of the plants, in September you will get a beautiful new bloom.

To cultivate La Margarita del Cabo, it is convenient that you place the species in an outdoor place; you must have or create a warm place, so that this type of plant develops in perfect conditions. It is not a plant that withstands a lot of cold, its thing is that it has a temperature of about 25ºC

When choosing the soil, you should consider covering the ground with a bit of pine bark or straw, to protect it from possible frost (if you want to take care of this plant during the winter)

When paying, the Margarita del Cabo, you must do it only once a year. It is best to fertilize the plant in spring; Try to use a fertilizer that works well for this type of plant.

Finally I talk a little about irrigation. It is important not to water excessively, so try to moderate it. If it is very hot, you should water more frequently to keep it moist, but as I always say … not in excess. In colder times, water less frequently and insert a finger into the ground, to see if it is wet.

Finally I tell you that, although the Margarita del Cabo, is an outdoor plant .. you can also grow it in pots on a terrace or near a window (as long as you provide the basic care mentioned)

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