Meaning of flowers and their colors

Plants and flowers have a own language, from each of them get a message, which we can share with others.

Since ancient times, flowers have been a way of making known or transmitting different feelings. This type of language has its origins in the East and has been used for thousands of years, from generation to generation and culture to culture, undergoing some modifications.

They have gone through it Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Romanticism, a time when communicating with flowers took its peak.

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<p style=We will give you some fundamental points of the language of flowers:

The red rose symbolizes loveThe yellow friendship, the white fear, the pink indecision, the white camellia represents an invariable friendship.

The white daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, for that reason it can be linked to childhood. The gardenia symbolizes joy, the flower of the orange blossom chastity, the tulip desperate love or a subtle declaration of love, the carnation means distinction and nobility. Lily innocence, purity and joy.

This language also changes if the flower is open or buttoned.

You should also know that flowers should not be given lightly, it is fundamental find three points:

  • What each one means
  • What we want to communicate
  • And, most importantly, what is the favorite flower of the person we are going to give it to

Giving flowers is a good option to show what we have inside, taking into account the different details. Colors are symbols that you should not forget.

The Red color It is a symbol of attention, allows you to lift your spirits, is considered one of the ideal colors to show passion. The yellow color is cheerful, bright and helps stimulate memory, it is a favorite of summer and sun.

White represents purity, it is a color linked to cleanliness and future times.

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