Meaning of flowers - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Meaning of flowers – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about the meaning of some beautiful flowers.

Flowers are a symbol .. of what? Now we will know what some of them may mean … in this way we will take it into account when decorating with them or giving them to someone.

Now at Christmas, on Mother's Day, in anniversaries, weddings or on Valentine's Day, these are special days or events where bouquets of flowers are usually given away.

But throughout the year we can decorate, in addition to them, all our corners providing fresh and natural environments.

I love decorating with flowers and if I know what they mean, even better. Do you want to prove it? Here you have some meanings.

The fact of giving flowers is a detail that is full of connotations, although sometimes you can take this a little lightly.

Flowers is an elegant, attractive and seductive gift .. inspires love, confidence and passion in some moments.

The flowers are a great detail at any time of the year. For example, roses symbolize love … the red ones are pure passion.

In contrast, yellow roses usually symbolize jealousy. Colors such as white refer to purity and if you combine white and red roses … it is harmony itself.

On the other hand, flowers such as orchids mark the distinction and are most elegant. They usually symbolize, for some, physical beauty. A very sophisticated flower.

The beautiful violets are the most romantic and this is precisely what they mean .. romanticism. But violets, moreover, represent passion and humility.

Red tulips refer to the declaration of love. On the other hand, if it is marbled, it symbolizes fame and independence. In yellow, they refer to love.

The carnations in yellow represent disdain .. but in any other color it refers to all possible forms of love.

Finally we talk about the Lilies. These lovely flowers make reference to balance and purity.

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