Medicinal Plant: Hallelujah - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Medicinal Plant: Hallelujah – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will talk about a known medicinal plant. The Hallelujah plant, as a common name, is a plant that helps us ornamentally in the garden .. but it is also good for health.

Its scientific name is Oxalis Acetosella, although we can know it by white vinegar, acederilla, clover acedo, cuclillo bread or Hallelujah .. among other names.

This plant is native to Europe and part of Asia. Hallelujah usually inhabits and develops in rather humid areas.

Hallelujah or Oxalis Acetosella, belongs to the family of oxalidaceae. We can distinguish it perfectly by the form of heart or clover that have its leaves. They also go in clusters three by three.

At night, when it falls or when the ambient conditions are not ideal … the flowers fold, it is very curious. This they do to protect themselves. They have a very beautiful reddish or brown stalk.

Hallelujah has beautiful flowers, which usually come out in spring. Its flowers are white and also pink. Although we can see, in some occasions, flowers in red or purple. Each flower has five petals.

This plant is ideal for rocky and very well drained soils. In its irrigation we must take into account that the soil is dry enough to proceed. If it rains a lot, don't make frequent watering so you don't drown.

These plants need semi-shade, which does not give the sun a lot of time a day. This plant can be grown year-round in soil or pot.

Plant used for medicinal purposes such as purifying, diuretic and refreshing. It is a good remedy for the stomach and liver. It helps digestion.

Use this plant with caution.

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