Metrodideros excelsa tree - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Metrodideros excelsa tree – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we talk about a very special tree, the Excelsa Metrodideros.

The Metrodideros excelsa is an evergreen tree of the myrtle family that produces a set of wonderful and worth seeing flowers.

This great cup full of beautiful red flowers is what makes it so striking and important in your country.

From New Zealand

Potutukawa is one of twelve species of endemic Metrosideros of New Zealand. It extends mainly through the regions of the North Island of New Zealand and in the lakes of the Rotorua area.

It has been called New Zealand Christmas Tree because of its origin and because it grows at Christmas with beautiful bright red flowers.


This round tree can reach a height of 20 meters and is very strong and resistant. It is able to stay in precarious and almost vertical situations.

It blooms from November to January, just at Christmas, and gives us a set of crimson flowers that have given it this name of Christmas Tree.

In addition, it is a very long-lived tree that lives tens of years.


They are vigorous trees and easy to grow. Each time they adapt to more varied climates since they have been introduced in Spain or England, for example.

They do not withstand very extreme temperatures, since intense heat or frost can harm you. He quite likes the sun and the humidity.

It prefers fertile, moist, clayey or sandy and well drained soils.

Mediannal Properties

Both its bark and the nectar of its flowers are used medicinally. The nectar is slightly sweetened and was used by the Maoris to heal and remedy the cough.

They also used wood to build paddle blades and other utensils.

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