Minimalist Style in your Garden

Minimalist Style in your Garden

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to give garden a minimalist style. If you were looking for some ideas to give our garden a minimalist look, here are some great tips.

Once the decision is made to make a great garden decoration, we will try to coordinate certain architectural elements that we have, with the green areas.

The decorative solution of creating gardens in a minimalist style is ideal to adapt it to the architecture and enjoy very simple elements, but with a great visual load.

We all know that the best minimalist style is quite characterized by certain aspects, for example they tend to create relaxed, harmonious and comfortable atmospheres. In addition, simple and refined lines will give the garden a more modern and vital appearance.

The outdoor spaces, in this case the garden, we will make it quite simple … nothing to overload the place. As colors and shades remember the use of neutral colors and low palettes.

As we said before, the lines will be simple and refined, clean and sober cut … in this way the decoration will gain strength in this area outside our house.

Remember also that in minimalist spaces the elements are reduced to a minimum … this will be applied to both decorative elements, furniture and any detail we want to include in the garden.

Few elements, within an area this is the secret … the flower beds will be defined and compact … also much easier to clean.

Lighting, as in any decoration, is essential … remember to play with it creating attractive environments and highlighting some decorative elements such as sculptures.

If you are going to include a fountain or pond, try to make it rectangular. On the other hand, some of the ideal materials for the minimalist style will be glass, metal, cement … all cold materials.

Finally we tell you that if you want to give your garden a minimalist style you will have to know some of the perfect plants for it … among them remember to get those that have a well defined structure such as Boj, Juníperus or Phormium. The compact beds will give a touch of color and shape to the place.

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