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Mistakes we make with indoor plants

Sometimes in order to take care of indoor plants we fall into some mistakes that can be avoided, in this article we will refer to them, so that your plants never again go from being splendid to looking sad and near death.

There are actions that we do every day that we do almost without realizing, in a usual way, for example closing the curtains when the day sun is entering or placing them in a place where they do not receive air or light, another mistake is to change them repeatedly or take them from the inside to the outside where temperatures are extremely high or low.

ANDThere are some places in our houses where indoor plants will need more careOne of them is the kitchen. Although this seems to be a good place to have plants, the truth is that it should be avoided that they are very exposed to excess heat, we must not forget the concentration of fat that is usually deposited on the leaves, which would cause them to cover pores, causing the death of the plant.

For keep the kitchen plants Safe they should be removed at the time of cooking and then put them back in place. You should also avoid those plants whose leaves are very small, it is preferable to have large and smooth leaves that are easier to clean.

With respect to the plants that are placed in the living room they need to be located in a certain area so that they develop perfectly, in this case a very common mistake is to change them. Despite what we can think, plants do not like to be changed places and have a hard time adapting to these changes.

Nor should we lower the blinds or awnings leaving the plant in semi-dark areas during the day, remember that light is very important for its growth. Plants that do not receive light end up drying.

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