Modern garden coffee table

Modern garden coffee table

Good morning friends, in today's space we talk about a surface Very special to decorate all our exteriors. If you have a garden, a nice patio or perhaps a large terrace you will need a great table to decorate and make the most of our spaces.

Include a table in our exteriors it will be ideal for meetings, small lunches, breakfast outdoors, dinner with someone special or drink coffee. A good table is essential if we want to decorate our outdoor spaces in a functional and practical way.

In this case we present a table designed by Jérôme Tison, which has a bioethanol burner. The surface has been built with a structure or base in wood. The rest goes in waxed concrete, this material is prepared with a good anti-stain coating .. perfect so that it does not spoil us with liquid that can fall, food and resistant to weather agents.

A perfect table for both outdoor environments, as to decorate interior spaces. With it we will give modern touches to our gardens, also add more sober brushstrokes and at the same time, we see a robust table that will last us a long time.

As we have said before, the surface is equipped with a 2-liter Vulcania® burner perfect to make the most of it. On the other hand we have two types of measures to choose from, depending on the space we have available .. one of them will be found in 80 x 80 x 29 cm, on the other hand we can also have it in 96 x 96 x 30 cm.

Finally we tell you that we can choose this table in several different colors … we can also combine the colors of both concrete, customizing orders with natural pigments, and the colors of steel that we have in black epoxy pickling or in black wax patina . The standard color of concrete will be light gray or dark gray.

If you want to get this table, we can find it by clicking here.

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