More facts about cacti

Cacti and crass can have different uses and utilities. Let's see different applications that cactus can have.

Cacti are ornamental plants
It is very common to see that they are used as decorative plants in gardens, especially in temperate or warm climate areas. They look great on gravel-coated floors. Inside the houses you can grow in pots, this is a good option for cold weather areas.

If you dare you can have several in your home or in your workplace. You will not need too much place. On a terrace you can accommodate about 100 small species.

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<p style=Cacti are defensive
It is normal to see them in the fields and in the orchards, the most thorny species are planted to create an impenetrable barrier.

Cacti serve as food for humans and animals. The most common are prickly pears or prickly pears. The production of this species is important, becoming commercially relevant.

Some species have fruits that are used as refreshers, one of them is the Opuntia streptacantha. Its taste is very fresh and the smell is extremely pleasant. The Opuntia leucotricha It is used as an ornamental type plant, whose fruits are similar to peaches but with a lemon-like taste.

The Cactus Hylocereus undatus produces a fruit called pitayas, which is characterized by having a reddish color similar to that of a pear.

The Myrtillocactus geometrizans It gives the garambullos, whose flavor is similar to that of blueberries. Indians living in the southeastern United States used to use cactus flour for the preparation of many of their food.

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