Mushrooms that appear on the grass

There are different diseases that can suffer from grass. We will refer to some of them.

Summer Fusarium or Fusarium roseum
Among the species most attacked by this disease are Poa pratensis, English Ray grass, and also, to a lesser extent, it is suffered by Agrostis and Festucas. It is a fairly common problem and its spread is quite problematic.

When an area is affected by this problem you can see a reddish brown lawn, which then turns yellow and dries out. Sometimes the center of the area may turn green, this is a simple way to identify the problem.

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<p style=The circular spots have a diameter of 5 to 90 centimeters and you will notice that it spreads very quickly unless a fungicide is applied.

This fungus appears when temperatures are high or at the time of high relative humidity and a daytime temperature close to 35 degrees and night of 21 degrees.

Cold Fusariosis, Microdochium nivale, Fusarium nivale
Its appearance is normal in lawns that are covered with snow during the winter. When the snow leaves, spots appear that reach 30 centimeters in diameter, which over time are joined. The spots are usually white with pink edges.

Fusarium Patch
It appears only in the species of Poa annua and Agrostis stolonifera. It becomes visible in spring and autumn when the weather is wet, they are irregular spots that are up to 30 centimeters, they start with a yellow hue. As the disease grows, the leaves become white or gray, ending in a pink color.

Rhizoctonia, Rhizoctonia solani
It affects the species Poa, Agrostis, Cynodon, Festuca arundinacea, Ray-grass, Zoysia, American grass. With this disease appear light brown spots, which are circular and small, reaching 40 centimeters. It is a very easy disease to identify. The spots are visible, mainly, during the morning, when there is dew on the grass. The ring disappears throughout the day, leaving a stain of uniform or brown color. This fungus has the ability to develop from 18 degrees.

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