My Garden in a Bottle!

My Garden in a Bottle!

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to offer you a great proposal for those people who cannot have a large garden because their space prevents it, the type of housing, the economy or simply because yes … today we propose your garden in a bottle.

The gardens made in small bottles are also very decorative elements. With them we can add some fresh touch to our home. The bottle can be incorporated into any shelf, if we look for a previous base, so we will decorate .. we can even make different types of bottled gardens, of different dimensions.

Another idea is to place these gardens as centerpieces or hung from the ceiling .. so we will decorate every corner of our home.

If you are looking for ideas on how to make this type of garden, here we leave you a explanatory video where we will see how to make a great terrarium or bottled garden. With the help of the video we will try to create a great garden, small .. inside a closed container.

For the container we will look for some glass, for example the one we are going to see is made in a fantastic glass vase … so we will see what is happening inside.

Keep in mind that when you go to do your garden in a bottle, we will not use any type of flower … we must look for a moisture resistant.

This is due to the micro climate that we are going to create is very particular. This micro climate will concentrate the humidity inside the bottle … so we must be careful in the plants we put in or plant, we will see how much moisture these chosen plants need, as some could wither or not be born.

In the video the chosen plant is a cactus … there is a wide variety of them .. so it is a good option to have inside a bottle.

Finally we mention that we will choose with care the accessories and decorative elements that will go inside the bottled garden. You can choose what you want, within the space you have .. we must also complete it with sand.

Video: My garden in a bottle

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