Nail a rose stalk on a potato and see what happens in 10 days! Can't you believe it!

Nail a rose stalk on a potato and see what happens in 10 days! Can't you believe it!

A good bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table can lighten any cloudy day, don't you agree? Unfortunately, the flowers are quite expensive, especially when it is considered that you will have to throw them away after a couple of days.

Everyone loves flowers

The flowers are beautiful and provide your home with a cozy and cozy atmosphere. Also, they smell amazing! It is a pity that they can be quite expensive, and not everyone has enough money to maintain a complete flower garden. Fortunately, we have amazing advice for you that will ensure you can have your own roses before you know it. You don't need so much money and you'll never be without a bouquet of flowers. Sounds perfect, right? All you need is a rose, a potato, a plastic bottle, potting soil and a pot.

This is how you do it:

Choose a rose that you like, remove all the leaves and diagonally cut the head of the rose (approximately 3 centimeters from the flower). If the flower is still pretty, you can put it in a small vase; It will look very cute!

Take the potato and open a hole the width of the stem; make sure the stem does not wobble inside the hole. Cover the bottom of the pot with 5 centimeters of potting soil and place the potato on top. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil. Cut the bottom of your plastic bottle and carefully place it on the stem that protrudes from the ground. Occasionally water the rose (around the bottle) and watch your roses grow like never before.

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