Natural air freshener

Hi guys, today I leave you a practical natural air freshener. Completely done with things you have at home, surely.

Sometimes the most natural aromas are the best. Not only do they give rise to a different environment at home, they also make other types of less desirable odors disappear … like tobacco.

You already know that there are many plants that give any space a pleasant smell. In many cases you can choose the plants you like best or their essence and make delicious homemade air fresheners.

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<p>This time we are going to use some orange. It smells very good and is perfect for this time of year, it is also very good to eat it to avoid colds!</p>
<p>Now take it, to prepare it, take a bowl, some dried orange peels and some fresh mint leaves. Do not mix or spread the ingredients, just add one by one, to get a lighter smell.</p>
<p>To three oranges, add some cloves in spices, until covered. Then you put them in a basket with dried petals or pieces of wood with a few drops of essential oils.</p>
<p>In addition to potpourri, diffuser sticks and essence burners, you can also spray your favorite fragrance for carpets, blankets, curtains or sofa. The smell will remain in the environment without being too intoxicating.</p>
<p>Another recommendation is to give this aroma to your home's light bulbs. Before turning on the lights, spray with an essence that you like. When giving light, the aroma evaporates through the home.</p>
<p>As you can see it is easy to smell the house … you can use both air fresheners that you buy or natural air fresheners created by you ..</p>
<p>These types of items are made perfect, for those with allergies and who cannot inhale chemical compounds.</p>
<p>Also if you have allergies to any kind of herbs, essences or plants .. try not to use them.</p>
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