Natural decoration for children's bedroom

Natural decoration for children's bedroom

Good morning friends, today we see a decoration of the most natural .. inside this fantastic bedroom for our babies.

On many occasions I talk about how to complement or how to combine modern decorations, with natural elements. I love wood, I love recycling and I love nature both outside and inside the home.

If you are looking for some decorating ideas, for the bedroom of the smallest of the house, today I leave you with this fantastic image.

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<p>In which you can see the appropriate furniture for the stay, such as the corresponding crib, some seats and toys.</p>
<p>All in a very similar hue, are made of wood. If you look at the cradle it is made of wood and the two cubes, which serve as seats, are taken out of pallets.</p>
<p>If you like DIY and love nature, you will love to consider this theme for decorating the baby's room.</p>
<p>A great drawing of a bear seals the wall. If you like to paint, you can do it yourself with some paint. You can also buy one of those great vinyl and cover the wall with it.</p>
<p>In this case it is a big sleeping bear, the one who keeps the room. As I said before, the furniture we see is recycled.</p>
<p>Almost all of them are made from loose wood or great pallets. In this case the natural colors of the wood have also been respected.</p>
<p>Of course, they have been treated before so that the furniture is more beautiful .. but without spoiling the nature of them.</p>
<p>If you want to try, remember to clean the wood well, then you have to sand it to remove splinters and possible remains of varnish.</p>
<p>Finally you should clean the wood with a cloth and then varnish it. Measure the woods you need and help yourself with the saw to cut it.</p>
<p>Assemble and make some furniture like these, to give a natural touch to the children's bedroom.</p>
<p>photo: starmanner</p>
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