Natural flower center - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Natural flower center – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in this small space we are going to talk about how fruit can help create a fantastic center Christmas.

Now that these lovely dates arrive, you will surely want to give your home a special touch. Today we want to achieve this brushstroke of color and aroma with a beautiful centerpiece.

If you have a garden or have some that have already ripened, it will be very easy to have all the fruits or plants you need.

In this case we focus on the orange … with that beautiful and vibrant color, we can make beautiful centerpieces.

The characteristic smell will perfume all our rooms. We have left you a photograph to give you a little idea of ​​what you can achieve.

With a little imagination, you will be inspired by many ideas to decorate your surfaces. We hope this is one of them.

As we all know the season of oranges begins or usually does, for the month of November .. so we will not miss to make this beautiful Christmas center based on oranges.

Oranges are beautiful in themselves, their color, aroma, texture and flavor make them ideal for enhancing these types of centers. If you remove the shells you will have the option of making beautiful flowers.

As you can see in the picture we see how they have curled up, the shell itself on itself .. and thus the petals of what appear to be lovely and most aromatic flowers are simulated.

Make as many flowers as you want, then we have to let them dry .. for this hang them with ropes.

To finish you can add these flowers in a center based on pine leaves, more Christmas impossible.

We hope this idea inspired you.

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