Nature. A cabin in a children's bedroom

Good morning friends! You know we love to add a touch of nature to the decoration of our home. Whether introducing plants inside, hung on the ceiling, in a vase, as a centerpiece.

Make pictures with flowers, place them on a great wall as a vegetable garden. We also love to give you ideas to decorate all your exteriors with furniture .. etc.

Today, for example, we talk about how to decorate a children's bedroom, with the theme of nature. Why not make a small cabin or pretend that the room is such?

Its creators are two French sisters dedicated to their passion, interior decoration, who exercise their activity under the name of their company "Bonnesoeur".

It has been difficult to stay alone with one of his projects (… we will bring another day), but this little house inside the children's room seems ideal. Although the room is large they created only the edges of the house in oak, so as not to overload the space and thus make it visually lighter.

With some elements we can get great decorations, sometimes it is not necessary to spend too much money. With a little desire, enthusiasm and imagination we can make beautiful compositions.

The complements and details of the room at its right point, the contrast of the oak with the color of the chest of drawers and the cushions is beautiful.

More information: Bonnesoeurs

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