Citricos para tu jardin

Nice citrus for your garden

There are many citrus ornamentals that you can incorporate into the Decoration of your gardens. Some of them may be placed in flowerpots. Among the most used are the kumquats, these are trees of a small size. They have the advantage of being resistant to cold. Its fruits are small, with a thin crust and many seeds.

It should be noted that in very hot environments or in dry air environments you can change the taste of fruit or a fall of the fruits is generated.

If you have a small pot you should change it in each spring to one of a larger size. In the time of greatest growth it will have to be fertilized with liquid fertilizer.

Another ornamental species that you can have in your garden is the Calamondín (x Citrofortunella mitis). It is a small tree whose cup is characterized by being dense, very resistant to cold and very productive.

It is necessary that the soil where it is is fertile, moist, well drained, and in full sun. In some cases we see that it is grown in pots as an indoor plant.

The bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) can be found in many gardens, parks, plazas and avenues of important cities. It is a small-sized tree ideal for use in flowerpots on large terraces or in courtyards. It is very pretty and cheerful thanks to the color of the fruits and its dense dark green foliage.

The Chinotto (Citrus myrtifolia) It is a species with a slow growth, the fruit is small, slightly crushed, with a very special and beautiful intense orange tone. An ideal plant for bounded gardens.

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