Nice pots for your flowers

Nice pots for your flowers

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We would love to talk about a new idea to make our plants very cute. If you are looking different pots, here we leave you a very simple idea that you can practice in your angled pots.

If you have color pots already deteriorated by the passage of time, have you ever thought about painting them? Today we show you how easy it is to make a very simple design and how beautiful it is.

I am not particularly enthusiastic about the color pink … but this time I have to say that it looks pretty good … we can also paint it in the color that we like the most or it fits our decoration.

For those lovers of pink, for those people who want to put a little green in their lives, for interior and exterior decoration, for everyone .. today we leave you this decorative solution.

The only thing that we are going to need will be a pot, specifically this one is Ikea brown, very cheap… besides we will need painter's tape or bodybuilder's tape and the most important thing is spray paint.

Always remember that to work with aerosol it is ideal to do it in a large area with good ventilation .. you can also use gloves to avoid painting. Ah! I forgot .. buy fluorescent spray paint .. this way the pots will never be lost!

The first thing we will do will be to make the design that we like, this time it is very simple, it has only been wrapped with bodybuilding tape around the pot .. at the height you want.

Divide the pot in half and on one side we have turned pink and on the other it has been left the same color that the pot itself brought .. but you can do this as you see fit.

Once you have put the tape at the height you want, we paint the desired part … do it with bursts of paint … do not leave your finger pressing the spray all the time .. do it intermittently.

Let dry between layer and layer and if you want you can give as many as you want .. in this case with three it has been valid. One trick is to hold the paint bucket away so that the paint does not drip. If you see that the other part is in danger of being painted, you just have to cover it whole.

As you see it is very simple, practical and so we can change the decoration of the pots, from time to time .. We hope you liked this practical decorative solution for all your pots.

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