flores sin plantas

Non-flowering plants

We will continue talking about what happens in plants when they have an absence of flowering. It is essential that we are aware of the needs of sun and shade that plants have, when a plant that needs a lot of sun for the plant but is in a shady place will surely develop more leaves but with very little flowering.

When too much water is placed, foliage development is encouraged, avoiding that of flowers. Plants need more water if they are placed in a hanging basket or in a small pot.

Whenever you notice withered flowers try to eliminate them, so you will help the flowering. When you remove the withered or spoiled flowers you will be avoiding the appearance of many pests that are attracted to the smell they give off.

We must not forget that most plants only bloom once a year and then die, while they are throwing new shoots. When choosing a type of fertilizer remember that nitrogen helps in the growth of the plant, giving vigor to its leaves. Phosphorus and potassium help in the flowering and intensity of the colors of its flowers.

In the different specialized shops you will find a fertilizer for each type of flower, These fertilizers have been created to meet the needs of each plant, so it will help in flowering.

Many of the silvers found on the sunless terraces do not bloom and if they do it will be scarce, this is very frequent, mainly with the Osteospermum, the Gazania or maritime margarita.

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