Onion Varieties - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Onion Varieties – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decor and Gardens We want to make a brief review of the different types of onion. If you decide to plant onions either in a small garden, in your garden or on your terrace or patio … here are some types to distinguish them.

The main onion varieties They are classified according to the shape and color of the bulb, the way in which they multiply, for example the season in which they eat … and others. We also take into account that each year we can obtain new varieties, so here we will only describe some, the most sown in Spain for example.

Among those that are classified according to the size of the bulb we have giant onions, medium or ordinary onions and scallions -which are my favorites-

Normally a giant onion will have a bulb larger than 10 cm, while the scallions are much smaller and are usually used mostly for the preparation of pickles.

When we want to classify the onions according to the color of the bulb we find the delicious white onions, which are quite appreciated. Its bulb is usually rounded, where the top is a bit more pointed. They are large and taste very sweet.

Purple onions are rounded bulb and also pointed at the top. They are usually large and sweet in taste, they are not so appreciated by consumers … but they taste great.

Now, if we want to distinguish them by the harvest season we find the spring-summer season, within it we will see spring onions .. whose variety is the earliest because the collection begins in April and ends in May.

The slug onion, begins harvesting in May and ends in mid-June … its bulb has an inverted cone shape, crushed at the top. The color is more greenish and has a sweeter taste.

The Liria onion is collected halfway through June and at the end of July … they tend to be spherical … slightly oval and have a beautiful golden yellow color. The taste is sweet and at the same time a little spicy.

While in the autumn-winter the onions we will see are the yellow sulfur, whose bulb is crushed. The layers are quite tight and thick .. adhere easily. Its color is very vivid and contains some green.

Giant onions have a more rounded shape, although a little crushed at times. The pale yellow color distinguishes them, in addition to their large size.

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