Riego de las orquideas

Orchid cultivation, knows all its requirements (II)

We will continue talking about the points that you must take into account when growing orchids, we will start mentioning the humidity they require.

Orchids usually need high ambient humidity, keep in mind that dry air that exists in homes or very heated environments can be very dangerous for proper development.

If you want to grow orchids and need to increase the humidity you can place the pots on a tray or board that has wet gravels or pebbles, but preventing the plant from being in direct contact with the water. Always place water containers near where the plants are.

Place many plants together so that they create a microclimate with high humidity. Spray the plants with soft water (it can be rainwater or decalcified), avoid spraying the flowers, otherwise you would shorten their life.

Orchids require ventilated environments for proper growth. In this way the plant can be refreshed by lowering the ambient temperature, in addition it can remove the oxygen and carbon dioxide from the place. When the plants are well ventilated, the appearance of fungi and bacteria is avoided.

Although it is ideal to air them you should not place them where there are strong air currents, this will cause the buds to fall.

With regard to irrigation we must differences between species. The Oncidium, Cattleya, Epidendrum They need abundant watering and then they must be allowed to dry completely before re-watering.

The Cymbidium, Vanda, Dendrobium They require daily watering, but only during the growing season. In the colder seasons the orchids almost do not grow, so such a frequent risk will not be necessary. In the case of having them in a greenhouse, irrigation will depend on the ambient temperature.

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