Orchid cultivation, meet all your requirements

Growing orchids is not easy, nor should we think that it is impossible. It will only be necessary know some of its secrets to get the cutest flowers. These tips will be given in a series of articles, which will begin today.

We will refer to some points that we must keep in mind to obtain good results in the cultivation of orchids, among the different topics we will refer to its light, temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation, fertilizer, transplant, pruning, pests, multiplication.

With regard to light we can tell you that Orchids need a very bright place For its development, one of the most frequent problems that generates a failure in flowering is the lack of light.

A good alternative is to place them in a window facing south, the window should have clear curtains that protect from direct sun but give it adequate lighting.

Almost all orchids enjoy direct sun, especially in the autumn and winter, but during spring or summer it will be better to protect them with a screen that does not take away lighting.

In some cases in particular such as: Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipediumno they need so much light, they only admit sun rays during the winter season, during summer it is best to filter the light as much as possible.

Remember that orchids are plants that originated in areas of very diverse climates, some of them in temperate climates, others in hot climates and others in cold areas. Therefore, before starting with your cultivation you must find out which of the species adapts to the climate where you live.

Some orchids need an important thermal amplitude, where during the day it is hot and during the night the temperature drops significantly. Inside your house you can achieve this difference by opening or closing the windows at night to refresh the environment.

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