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Orchid Subscriber – Ideas for gardens and decoration

In the different specialized stores they sell fertilizers specially formulated for orchids. Many of them are very good. Among the most used are the same ones that favor indoor plants, but in the case of orchids it is best to use half the dose indicated on the package.

Orchids require little food for their development, since they live clinging to trees, excess fertilizer can be very harmful, sometimes it can even cause death.

A good measure is to provide fertilizer twice a year, during the months of February and July. The rest of the year no subscriber will be required. Remember to always verify the doses by reading the containers, and in the case that they come in the form of salt it will only be necessary to apply a spoonful every five liters of water.

In the case that you want to do an orchid transplant, you should be careful with the drainage, the soil where they are going to be placed must be very airy, in the case of the pots it must contain a free bottom. Keep in mind that most orchids live attached to the bark of trees and that their roots are used to being outdoors, so it is necessary to be very careful so that they do not dry out or spoil.

If you have orchids for some time you should know that the substrate must be changed every two or three years, since after that time it tends to compact by retaining a lot of water or accumulating salts. In some cases the change of the substrate must be done annually, especially if it has been fertilized too much.

There are different materials that can be used as substrates, a good option is to use a preparation formed by crushed crust with moss in proportions of 70 and 30 percent respectively. In specialized stores they sell preparations that are usually very good, if you have doubts you can consult with the seller.

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