Organic garden -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Organic garden -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

In the previous article we talked about how to learn to make a small vegetable garden, at home. If you love to eat healthy, gardening and also have a small garden, patio or terrace … here we leave you the second part of the Organic Garden at home.

Remember that we can easily make a small garden at home, in this way we would move away from wholesale products and know what we are eating.

He thinks that it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money, which for the time being is the best. If you have a small land we can plant some vegetables, grow our own organic food.

It is very important to select a few square meters and cover it with earth .. yes, watch that in that small space of natural light at least 6 hours a day. We must have a nutrient-rich soil .. the following will be good drainage!

The time of planting is a simple process, but it has some small tricks to make the most of everything … think about what you want to grow remember that there are a lot of options … they can be beans, tomatoes, onions, cauliflowers, beans, lettuce, leeks .. etc. Choose what you want to grow, we can make a small potpourri.

When you decide, keep in mind that we can sow in two different ways, either directly or by seedlings. For seedlings it is enough to place the soil in small drawers, then we will add the seeds and wait for them to germinate … when they are ready we will transplant them … this can be 30 days later … depending on what you have planted. We can also plant directly on the ground .. as we have commented.

Finally, we tell you that some plants benefit from each other, complementing the nutrients … it may also be that some of the plants repels certain types of insects … if so and knowing them, these plants can be sown together to help each other.

If you want to know some examples of these plants we will name you beet and carrot, well basil and tomato .. lettuce and spinach .. escarole ..

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