Organize your garden parties

Organize your garden parties

Good morning dear friends. Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to give you some great decorative ideas that can help us when decorating the garden for events. Do you have a party? Today we leave you these great tips to decorate the garden for the parties you want.

If you have a garden with trees, surely you can hang some beautiful lanterns of light or garlands made by ourselves. Even Christmas lights can be used to decorate, it may surprise even the result .. take one end and tie it from tree to tree.

If you have vines take advantage of them to add some tissue paper flowers, these can be done even by your children … so we will spend more time with them doing this activity.

But if you are afraid of spoiling the lawn, in your garden, try to define a specific area … for example with the help of planters or even with the furniture itself. Tables and chairs can help us as a means to delimit spaces.

An ideal centerpiece … you can help yourself with vegetables, so it will be very original … imagine putting some carrots, peppers, cucumbers … on a pretty tray.

We can also use other natural elements such as stone, sand or moss with a great group of dry leaves, for this autumn.

If you have natural flowers, we can also use them to make great corsages. As details will be great in vases or with a nice bow, on the table.

If you do not want to cut the flowers, you can simply raise the pot to the table .. this will give the surfaces a fresh and radiant look

Candles and fruits can also be part of the decoration of our garden for some parties.

Add more color to the garden table with nice items and fun utensils .. all these will bring a very fresh touch.

The cushions and cushions for the rest area will be ideal. Add comfort to this outdoor space where we will celebrate some parties. Locate some folding chairs, benches, chairs.

To end the party, you can have a detail with your guests and give some seeds, in a beautiful bag, collected from your own garden.

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