Original Pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Original Pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens, we will talk about some very original and striking proposals about pots.

Yes, we love decorating with pots and this time our focus is on some of the most interesting and original.

If you are looking for pots to decorate the garden, the terrace, the patio, the interior of your home or the balcony .. think that there is a wide variety of them on the market.

Both in size, color, shape and material .. we can choose the one that best suits our needs, from a huge range of possibilities.

But originality is somewhat more complicated to obtain and sometimes we have to create it ourselves, so today we leave you with some proposals of the most curious and original about pots and planters.

The next idea is creative, original and also very economical. Take one bag white or the color you want, fabric … then just cover the pot you had … more original impossible.

If you have aromatic herbs in the kitchen … try to use a large cup, a bowl, containers that you are not going to use as a pot … sure you can create some great pots.

Another great idea, so that you do it in a few moments, is to take one or several wooden drawers .. that you no longer use and turn them into pots .. you will see what result!

An ingenious idea is to use baskets for cultivation, with a retro and rural appearance. On this occasion we see a fig tree inside a pot.

Finally we propose a much warmer design, for the cold months that come in. If you want your pots to be original, why don't you wear them? line your pots with a sweater that you don't wear, or a t-shirt .. ideally, it should be wool.

Photos: gardenista.com

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