Ornamental Plants Trend 2012 - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Ornamental Plants Trend 2012 – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning everyone, today in Decor and Gardens, we will talk about the last trend of this year 2012 on ornamental plants. The latest trends for this year are undoubtedly joining decorative plants with aromatic and medicinal herbs.

This is perfect if you love to grow and decorate at the same time. This trend is implanted by a series of criteria that lead us to discover that joining these types of plants can be perfect due to several things.

One of them is the resistance of the plants, and both have a multitude of colors that we can choose to give our garden a style or another. Also the perfume of each plant is essential, we must seek harmony between them. For example aromatic plants, a few years ago they looked normally or as a rule in orchards …

But for some time we can enjoy them being more and more protagonists in a classic yard. But it is true that we must follow certain criteria when choosing the plants we want to grow.

Think that in almost any garden, a variety of aromatic herbs can be planted … imagine that perfume when we go out to sunbathe or relax! Taking into account the garden space is one of the most important things … think about the space you have and the space that the plants will occupy once grown … in this way we can make decisions about which of them to plant or not … for example choose for medium or small specimens and leave only one large one … if you don't have space.

We will also think that tall flower beds are predisposed to appreciate much more easily the perfume or smell of aromatic herbs.

Some of these that can be perfect for our meals are rosemary, laurel and as the main smell of lavender … fresh and invading winds … but remember that these plants are large-sized shrubs so we can form fences when we go to plant them. But if we have a small garden, simply choose one or few of these specimens.

We must also keep in mind that some plants can limit their development if they are planted in pots, such as regrets … do not plant it directly in the garden, so we will control its development.

So you know, if you want to be up to date in your garden, join ornamental plants with aromatic herbs … it's fashionable!

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