Outbed. A very comfortable bed

Outbed. A very comfortable bed

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about Outbed, one of the most comfortable and relaxing outdoor beds.

If you are decorating your outdoor areas, you may want to locate a bed capable of complementing that touch that we need in our green areas.

Whether for swimming pools, terraces, gardens or any outdoor environment, this bed is ideal for sunbathing, reading, relaxing … designed by Marine Peyre, OutBd is an exceptional bed.

OutBed is formed by large and soft cushions, to make us feel even more comfortable. But this is not all, if you do not like the shape of your OutBed, you can always pull the rope, this will make the bed adapt to our needs by changing its configuration and shape.

OutBed has an exclusive design, created specifically for a certain French textile company. From here we do not see it but it does not have any sewing, so it is even more comfortable.

If we open OutBed we see that its size is 3 meters long, by 2.20 meters wide … perfect to throw ourselves into the bartola!

In addition, OutBed can be chosen in different colors, made of Dralon fabric and treated with Teflon. In this way, OutBed guarantees its impermeability on rainy and humid days, resistance to abrasion by the son, UV rays and color, If we have a pool.

This way OutBed is the ideal bed for our green areas, to rest, sunbathe, read, chat with someone …

So if you want to add a great article to your garden, to your patio or terrace – if it is more or less large – this article can be OutBed, it fits our needs adapting its shape and always with the same properties.

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