Outdoor chair made with pallets

Good morning friends, in today's space I would love to share with you all this spectacular photo .. since I find in it the whole concept of recycling.

You know what I love to recycle and always look for new ideas and, yes, share them with all of you. Have we ever talked about how to recycle pallets.. to decorate terraces, patios or any outdoor space.

The pallets give a lot of play, you can transform them into shelves, in seats using cushions, in armchairs, in bed structures, in headboards ..

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<p>With them we can make beautiful <strong>green walls</strong> or as in this case, a spectacular outdoor chair … you can also put it inside your home.</p>
<p>In this way he will give a <strong>natural touch</strong> to the atmosphere and a style of the most particular. If you are a handyman or you like DIY, now you can make a chair … not equal to this one, but similar.</p>
<p>The photo is a mere inspiration that we can rely on to create all kinds of things, based on <strong>pallets</strong>. If you have any near home or at home and you don't know what to do with it .. today we encourage you to make a great seat.</p>
<p>Clean the <strong>wood</strong> and separate the tables. Then let them dry very well, to work with them .. once dry, you just have to sand them to soften the untreated wood.</p>
<p>Locate the tables where you think convenient and with some <strong>nails</strong>, glue and rivets we can make a great asisento.</p>
<p>After sanding the boards, remember that you can already varnish it or apply the <strong>color</strong> that you like more. If you want to put it in another color, I advise you to first give it one or two layers of white … so it will take more paint.</p>
<p>It also adds fixative, so that it absorbs it well. If it is a piece of furniture you will put it in the <strong>yard</strong> you can varnish it to last longer and spoil less over time.</p>
<p>Add a small <strong>cushion</strong> and ready!</p>
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