iluminacion con tarros

Outdoor garden lighting

Good morning friends, today I share with everyone a great idea to to illuminate Our outdoor areas.

The spring The time has come and with it the days are longer, the allergies soar, but we can enjoy the sun more, the breeze and everything that entails.

If you have an outdoor area, more or less large, you can always take advantage of this space for your benefit and in favor of the decor.

Today for example I would like to share this great idea to illuminate the balcony, the terrace, the patio or a great garden.

An unusual decoration, but the most attractive. Of course it is the perfect decoration, for a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

If you want to take advantage of your outdoor spaces, start picking them up so that by summer we will have a great area to enjoy.

In decoration, both indoor and outdoor, lighting is a fundamental factor or element .. which can change the aesthetics in a minute.

On this occasion, two articles that we know very well have been recycled and that, on occasion, we have talked about them separately.

As we can see in the image, we see that some glass jars and some books have been hung .. with the leaves collected, to give a very different effect and lighting to what we are used to.

If you have some glass jars, some candles, rustic rope and books that you can use .. we can do something similar.

The leaves of the books have been collected, to cause the effect of a plant that falls into a small waterfall.

If you realize the candles in the glass jars are not very large, because you do not have to run any risk of bursting … and they are also inside another container.

Through the mouth of the containers, the rope has been tied and helps raise each bottle in the air.


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