Outdoor landscape designed by Andy Sturgeon

Outdoor landscape designed by Andy Sturgeon

Good morning friends, today I would love to talk a little about the work of the well-known designer Andy Sturgeon.

All its potential is dedicated to creating beautiful furniture exclusively for decorating outdoor spaces.

We see that almost all his works are of a quite contemporary style and that is why we are not surprised by the style, so exquisite, of this landscape.

Ideal for gardens, especially if they are large, Andy Sturgeon offers the opportunity to enjoy its great and attractive designs, this is done for companies, as well as for individuals who want some of their structures.

As we see ideal for spaces whose decoration we want to bring a really contemporary touch and not only that.

The materials used are usually of nature, that is, natural materials and really innovative plants. All this puts it in a shaker and gives rise to impressive designs.

In this way, Andy Sturgeon and his ideas, can lead us to create the most attractive spaces, in our exteriors.

Of course, such a decoration does not have any, and it is that some designers know how to capture the beauty and forms of elegance.

Here you have some photos to give you an idea of ​​this great work. As you can see you can put it where you like!

Thanks to your ideas, we can be inspired by something similar and take it into account for the garden. Maybe if you are a handyman you can make a wooden structure yourself, with your own style!

Well, as I said here I leave some photos and you will tell me that you think you are friends!

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