Outdoor Plants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Outdoor Plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about some of the outdoor plants.. in this way we can take them into account if we want to make our own garden.

This group of plants is very large and within it we will find many more groups … in this way we will simplify a lot because, otherwise, it would take us too long.

Outdoor plants will contribute to our yard a delicious aroma, beauty, color and great decorative enrichment thanks to its different forms. We have many to choose from, taking into account various criteria such as the area where we live, temperatures, soil type … etc.

Today we highlight as outdoor plants the shrubs. When you go to create and decorate your garden you can select plants that do not stain excessively and that change color. We will also look at the type of flowering as it can be spectacular. But if you want to give your garden color, aroma and shapes throughout the year some of the bushy plants may be your solution. So here we leave you a small list with some of them: Abelia floribunda, Euonimus, Hebe spp, Domestic Nandina, Photinia fraserii, Prunus laurocerasus, Viburnum lucidum, Viburnum tinus, Buxus, Laurus nobilis, Berberis thumbergii, Forsythia intermedia, Weigela floribunda, Horizontal cotoneaster.

On the other hand we have the seasonal plants, unless we have a greenhouse. These plants occur at a specific time of year. We have many to choose from and true preciousness for garden decoration. Full of color and with an intoxicating perfume, we can plant the plants that are in season and ready. Here we leave a few to give color and perfume to the environment: Geraniums, Murcianas, Petunias, Carnations, Bellis, Marigolds, Primulas, Cyclamen

Finally the vivacious plants They have been great strangers until recently, but increasingly have a greater role in gardens. These well maintained plants can last for many years. Some of these plants are: Acanthus mollis, Astericus maritimus, Cannas, Gazanias, Dimorphotecas …

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