Outdoor Saunas - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Outdoor Saunas – Ideas for gardens and decoration

The news outdoor saunas Freixanet are the most natural option to achieve total balance, offering a touch of distinction and exclusivity in the garden.

With a Customizable, fully functional and cutting-edge design, the company takes us to a world of unprecedented sensations. Its outer covering, which allows multiple options (such as gray slate), and a large window They make the saunist find no obstacles and immerse themselves in their surroundings, in the middle of nature.

Inside, these saunas retain all the heat of the Nordic saunas, built with fir or hemlock wood. In addition, they give us the possibility of adapting the cabin with a pre-sauna, porch or shower, options that will make it even more cozy and attractive.

As for the stone heater, this is installed to our liking, either central, lateral or under benches, for greater security; creating an atmosphere that will take us to a world of multiple sensations. The benches, built with abachi wood, are located around or on both sides of the heater, depending on the design of the sauna.

The roof of the sauna, reinforced and especially waterproofedIt is equipped with excellent insulation, made of high quality cotton and a protection system against drafts.

Located in a changing environment with the seasons, the high quality of its materials and finishes is what gives them maximum resistance to the weather. Its pleasant and warm appearance makes them harmoniously combine with the surroundings.

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