Outdoor upholstery as an alternative

Hello to all our readers, today I leave you with a great alternative to the lawn … the outdoor upholsteries.

If for the conditions or circumstances that are, you can not or want to have grass … you can always decorate the spaces with different alternatives.

It may be that your new house has a garden or maybe you have a small patio … but right now, you only see land and want to cover it. You think and think, you are not going to put the whole floor covered in crockery!

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<p>If it is small, you could do it in a yard … but in a garden it is normal to put grass … but this does not have to be that way at all.</p>
<p>I know that the lawn we love almost everyone, but I have already said that we can not all put it or we should not for different reasons.</p>
<p>When you see a land with soil, think of various options for the ground. You can also think about the possibilities of putting upholstery outside, other than grass.</p>
<p>The latter has to keep it, it needs a lot of water and of course it takes time. His thing is to pamper your lawn, if you don't have time for it it's a matter of thinking about something else.</p>
<p>An option or decorative solution that, at the same time, is very practical .. are the upholstery plants.</p>
<p>These types of species, which can also be called ground cover, are small plants. Normally they usually grow and develop without any problems.</p>
<p>Normally these plants grow on the ground, tend to spread over large surfaces and develop as a beautiful plant carpet.</p>
<p>You can see some climbers, like shrubs, also included in this family.</p>
<p>But it is true that the grass can be stepped on quietly, however these types of plants must be treated with more care .. since some can be broken with weight .. although others will resist.</p>
<p>The advantages are many, more than the inconveniences .. it is a matter of thinking how much we use our outdoor areas. You can also think about putting both upholsteries at the same time and in different areas.</p>
<p>Upholstery plants do not require as much care as others. No attention, no water because he doesn't need it every day. Nor do you have to pay for it.</p>
<p>Your garden will be very beautiful, as sometimes beautiful flowers that color the landscape come out. Remember that being some plants, sometimes they have flowers.</p>
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