Paint buckets like pots

Good morning friends, today you can turn the paint buckets into pretty pots and hang them where you like them best.

In addition to hanging them you can also put them on the floor or on any surface that you have empty. Remember that you can make pots with many different things, paint buckets is another way to plant what we like.

It really is a very practical container, once the paint is finished … the most logical thing is to throw it away … but now you can recycle it, propose a nice design and think about whether you want to hang the pot or put it on the floor.

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<p>It's big, it's easy to make and you just need an empty paint bucket. If you have done works and have had to paint, surely you have cubes of these to throw.</p>
<p>If instead of throwing you I propose to make pots for your home, what can you tell me? These buckets can be cleaned, painted or lined .. so we will create beautiful pots.</p>
<p>For example, a great idea is to get rid of the sticker they carry, if they carry and then paint these buckets.</p>
<p>Remember that they are large containers … so you can encourage yourself to grow all kinds of plants and including different species as long as they get along.</p>
<p>With soil and the plant you want, it will be an ideal pot to decorate your space easily and economically.</p>
<p>As you can see in the image, these cubes can also be hung so that the plant goes down and hangs .. ideal for covering structures that you have in the patio or garden.</p>
<p>It is easy to do, remember that these types of buckets must have good drainage. For this you can make some holes either in the area below or on the sides.</p>
<p>As you can see it is easy to create large pots to decorate any part of our home. I hope you like the idea!</p>
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