Painting. Take care of your environment

Painting. Take care of your environment

Good morning friends! Today in our space we will give you some great tips to take care of our environment after painting.

We understand that now you want to change your decoration, give a new coat of paint to certain furniture that you want to restore.

You may also want to paint the exterior facade of your home or paint all your garden furniture. But we care a lot about the environment, if you like nature, don't help it spoil it.

That is why today in Decoration and Gardens we leave you these great tips for when you go to paint.

To paint we usually use products that are quite harmful to the environment, especially when we dispose of them incorrectly.

For this we must take into account some things, such as not pouring paint products into the water. Remember that a four liter paint can contaminates more than one million water.

Remember that before painting it is very important to try not to overdo paint residue, for this we try to calculate the amount we need .. so we will not unnecessarily discard product.

If you have no choice but to save paint, please do it correctly to be able to use it on another occasion.

Water-based paints are much more convenient for the environment … they contain much less chemical components. During handling, pollutant diluents are not usually used … although we must also try not to dispose of the remains and, if not, store them properly.

But to wash the tools used in the paint job, water-based paint is much less toxic and dangerous than others.

We hope that these little tips make us a little more aware of the environment.

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