Palmeras en el interior

Palms inside

We will continue giving you some tips that you can keep in mind if you want to grow palm trees In an interior space. Today we will start by talking about fertilizer.

We must take into account that the palm trees that are inside are characterized by little growth, so it will be enough to place small amounts of fertilizer. That will be enough. You can preferably use slow-release fertilizers instead of using the known liquid fertilizers.

Those slow-release fertilizers will release minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium over a period of three months, liquids have a faster effect.

Remember periodically clean the dust that is retained in the leaves, Help yourself with a damp sponge.

In case you want them to grow faster it will be convenient to transplant them to a larger pot every two years, this will depend on the species. If the weather permits we will have to take the palm trees outside, always protecting them from the wind and direct sun.

Regarding the diseases and pests that affect them, we should point out that mealybugs are quite common. They appear as yellow spots as insects suck the sap, in addition to secreting a sugary liquid in which the fungus is located.

The most common mites that affect the palms located inside are the red spider (Tetranychus urtifalls), can be seen using magnifying glass or looking closely. It develops on the underside of the leaves causing stitches or yellowish spots. The heat and dry air generate a rapid expansion of the pest.

Other diseases and pests that affect palm trees:

  • White spider (Polyphagotarsonemus latus)
  • Trips
  • Drill (Opogona sacchari)
  • Cylindrocladium macrosporium

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