Patricia Urquiola Kettal Vieques Collection

Good morning friends, in today's space I will love to tell you about the great collection of Patricia Urquiola.

The collection, with the name of Kettal Vieques, is great in terms of innovation on furniture, accessories and decoration.

Within it we can find almost all kinds of elements that we will need to decorate our spaces. For him yard, a nice patio or a terrace .. this furniture is great.

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<p>To decorate the interior of our home are <strong>furniture</strong> exceptionally beautiful and natural, so we complement with some silver and we will have some corners of the most elegant and beautiful.</p>
<p><strong>Kettal</strong> collects great design furniture rather timeless and functional. The creations of this group are made for the most demanding.</p>
<p>The <strong>collection</strong> It is simply delicious, with it we can decorate spaces both inside and outside.</p>
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Also contemplating the furniture we see how it is possible to add a little of the nature in our favorite corners.

Furniture functional With great expressiveness, it is what we will find within the collection. Furniture and accessories very modern and, above all functional.


Beauty has nothing to do with functionality, and this furniture has it all! Those who follow this great architect will check that their designs They are quite original.

In addition the materials in which these furniture are manufactured, they have been manufactured from artisanal techniques … but you can also see furniture made with industrial process techniques or technologically.

It's great collection, called Kettal Vieques, as we have said before, it is characterized by combining materials such as aluminum or Nido d´Ape material.

This last fabric that we have talked about is quite new and you can imagine it as a kind of organic fabric that covers the aluminum, of some meubles and that combines the nature With the industrial style.



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