Pergolas for your Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Pergolas for your Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! We know that you love preparing all your outdoor areas for the hottest days of the year … and there is still all of August!

To be able to carry out events, meetings, parties, outdoor meals without the sun, wind or rain getting in the way … it is necessary to have a part of the garden or the specific space to which the shadow is given … especially if we go to put there food or tables for the guests.

For this there is nothing better than pergolas.. but remember that you have to know the function that you are going to perform in your garden, what are you going to need it for .. this way we can get the pergola we need.

Remember that there are many pergolas of different types, so today we leave you a few so that you can distinguish them, for what they serve and most importantly, if they are useful to you.

Place or install a pergola In our garden or terrace it is one of the best options to get an area in the shade where you can enjoy the outdoors in the shelter of strong solar rays. But there are many types of pergolas that exist today depending on the use we are going to give or the place where they are going to be placed.

In the first place we can differentiate the type of pergola depending on the material with which it is manufactured, being able to find wooden pergolas, forge, of aluminum and even cloth (which are easily removable).

The attached pergolas, in terms of their classification by the place where they will be placed, we can differentiate between the terraced pergolas and the independent pergolas. The first ones go, as their own name indicates, attached to the house on one of their sides, and the roof can be straight or to a water, they are perfect for terraces or porches, and they can have the upper area with the same tile as the house or stop the sun with horizontal awnings, or even be composed of beams to let the sun pass or place a beautiful vine that shade and fescor.

The independent pergolas they are those that are independent of any other constructive element, are ideal to place in a garden or a large terrace. This type of pergolas can be purely ornamental, or have a shadow function to create an area sheltered from the sun where to place a table or armchairs. The latter usually carry a straight roof or several waters and on the sides you can have an installation of awnings or mosquito nets to prevent the passage of insects and the sun. There are many designs that we can find to choose today, which makes that in addition to becoming a useful area of ​​our garden it is also a perfect ornamental element for decorating the outdoor space of our house.

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