Pergolas for your Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Pergolas for your Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

If you have a yard of any style, even a garden of style Zen or you simply have to do it, today we propose the use of some pergolas within them.

In recent years the japanese gardens They have become great aesthetic innovations that many Westerners want to have in our homes. Whether for their attractiveness, to favor meditation or for aesthetics, these Japanese gardens are in high demand.

These spaces are considered necessary to meditate and reflect, observing certain elements of nature. The function of these gardens is to be contemplated without interacting with them, just observing, reflecting and meditating.

As we know within these spectacular gardens, very varied natural elements are often used such as fountains or streams, waterfalls if space allows, some ponds, moss, rocks, stones, sand … but for some time now, to Zen gardens are incorporated a new element, garden pergolas.

It is not necessary to install one to get the best Zen environment, but it is quite practical when meditating in the shade, instead of under the sun. Enjoy your surroundings, providing a little shade in summer and letting the rest of the garden look in winter, we can also add some oriental detail.

In addition, we can use pergolas in almost any type of garden, they are ideal elements to provide a little shade. Within these we can eat, hang out, read and many more things. We can also decorate them with some climbing plants, ivy, hanging plants … etc.

Normally we will see many garden pergolas made of pine, maple or solid wood. But depending on what you want to invest we can find pergolas in a multitude of different materials prepared for outdoor conditions.

If you decide on a wooden pergola remember to always apply a layer of varnish. We will do this from time to time in time to maintain its brightness and not suffer damage.

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