Plagas sufridas por las plantas vivaces

Pests suffered by vivacious plants (Part II)

We will continue talking about the different pests that can affect your lively plants. In the previous article we have referred to aphids and mealybugs, today we will begin by telling you about the whitefly.

White fly
These are small white flies that are located on the back of the leaves, easily come out if the leaves are moved. It is common to see them in species such as begonia, fuchsia, geranium, rose bushes, laurel, gardenia, cineraria, spring, sage, gerbera.

The damage is caused when the leaves bite, They begin to discolor. In the case of suffering an intensive attack the leaves end up falling prematurely.

Very small insects that only measure a few millimeters, chop the leaves generating a silver color and decolouring them, then they dry and fall off.

Red spider
These are small red mites that are almost never seen at first sight. They sit on the back of the leaves, they can be seen if a magnifying glass is used or if you look closely. They cause yellow spots on the leaves drying out and falling. This pest may appear in hot areas and in dry environments. A typical summer plague. To treat affected plants is to use an acaricide by spraying the leaves well.

There are different caterpillars that affect our species. Among them, the couscous, green donuts, lime caterpillars, carnation tortrix, geranium butterfly or African butterfly. Caterpillars can be captured individually, in some extreme cases insecticide can be used.

Black donut
His scientific name is Spodoptera littoralis. It is a type of caterpillar that feeds by gnawing the ground and the leaves closest to the ground. They are not usually seen during the day since they remain hidden and coiled on the ground. At night he begins his activity. They become more voracious during the fall.

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